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Company move to abroad

A plaguing production company based in the United Kingdom wants to move its production to a friendlier country in view of a major contract which has to be completed.

When this question arrived at our office, it automatically created a confusion as to where we should direct our client: half said Bulgaria and the other half said Romania. The reasons were the following: first, in Romania the tax legislation for new companies and especially for technology companies has a grace period of only 1% tax. This was a very serious incentive to think of Romania. The disadvantages of Romania are the expensive cost of developers, more expensive rentals than Bulgaria, more expensive electricity and in general utilities which are about 30% more expensive than Bulgaria.

The tax in Bulgaria is 10% rent and the other ancillary services are lower than Romania. What finally gave us the answer was that Bulgaria has in recent years become Europe’s Silicon Valley: big companies around the world are going there because they can find fast internet, a friendly environment, low taxes and of course developers, many developers.

Our innovation is Our knowledge of the world market

From the moment that Bulgaria was selected, always with the consent of the businessman, we had to think about the relations with the staff. At this point, the question arises whether we would have permanent developers or freelancers or a combination of both of them.

Legislation in Bulgaria – as in 90% of Europe – does not allow or better refuse to have a job at work without being insured in the corresponding fund. But when you have a freelancer in India or another country from where you are, you obviously cannot get it insured in a fund. INTASPA had the solution and that’s why: it took over the payroll of all the freelancers in the company, the company gets an invoice every month that goes through its expenses, the developers get their money on time, and one more cycle is already closed.


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