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Business in a third country

In a first estimate, I can say that over 120,000 € there is a reason for somebody to start the process of transferring his profits to a third country.

However, someone could start a new company, for example a company active in the Internet and start the process of operating it abroad.

We are referring to the amount of 120,000 €, because this is the limit between winning or not, given that we have to take into account company expenses in the third country.

So if, for example, someone is taxed for 120,000 € in Greece and pays tax, tax prepayment and all other small taxes that are counted through the profits, we calculate that the tax he will pay is about 45%. Then he can begin the process of transferring his profits.

In such a case the tax could go down to about 26 points, in other words you pay about 19% tax.

In order to be able to calculate what we will finally pay, we need to take into account the following:

  1. The maintenance cost of the second company

  2. The insurance funds we have to pay to the second company

  3. The profit tax

  4. The dividend tax

If the profits of a company exceed 600,000 €, then the total to be paid in taxes, company maintenance, and other expenses will not exceed 12%.

As to the second part of my answer, I have to say the following: once someone wants to start a company from the beginning, with the opportunities given to him – paying the same costs as he would pay in Greece, Spain, Italy and Germany- could start it in a more “friendly” country. He does not have to calculate expenses in the first country, so starting with a friendly country is easier.

You will be able to find a lot of information inside the site and calculate your costs if you are really interested in taking such a step.

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