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The best countries for business

It is very important that the country that hosts us, whether it’s ours or another country, is business friendly.

A country is business-friendly, not only when it provides low taxation, but when it also offers a set of benefits that make our everyday life easier. These services may be its banking system, bureaucracy on taxation, transports, its relations with other countries, and human resources.

A country may have low taxation, like Bulgaria where its taxation is 10% + 5% on dividends, but unfortunately it has a very difficult and expensive banking system. In addition, Bulgaria’s negative point is that foreign banks do not treat Bulgarian companies “with a good eye” – and I say unfortunately, because in recent years businesses in Bulgaria are quite healthy, they are large and global-. In Greece the tax system may not be so good, the banks may have trouble, but the Greek workforce is at a very good level, most people know at least one foreign language, and perhaps the most important is their good mood for work.

According to Forbes, the most friendly country in the world to work with is the United Kingdom, because in the UK everything is easy: you easily set up a company, you easily open a bank account, the terms are very clear in everything, you can find very high quality staff. It is also very important that UK companies have respect – if I may use that expression – at a global level.

Sweden ranks second, Hong Kong third and Netherlands fourth. Luxembourg is in 23rd place, and with great surprise we see Estonia in 28th – surely Estonia is not one of the popular destinations because it is relatively new-.

We see Cyprus in 37th place because in recent years its banking system has become very rigid and in addition after the crisis people have some fears. Greece is in 42nd place and Malta in 43nd place, while Bulgaria is in 46th place. In a nutshell, these positions prove that a country is not the best for businesses solely thanks to its tax laws and tax rates.

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