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Corporate Income Tax Rate (%) 12.5

Capital Gains Tax Rate (%) 20

Branch Tax Rate (%) 12.5

Withholding Tax (%)

Dividends 0 (a)

Interest 0 (b)

Royalties from Patents, Know-how, etc. 0/5/10 (c)

Branch Remittance Tax 0

Net Operating Losses (Years)

Carryback 0

Carryforward 5

(a) A Special Contribution to the Defence Fund (Defence Tax) at a rate of 17% is withheld from dividends paid to resident and domiciled individuals.

(b) A Special Contribution to the Defence Fund at a rate of 30% is withheld frominte rest paid to resident companies and resident and domiciled individuals, if the interest is not considered to arise in the ordinary course of their business or to be closely connected to their ordinary course of business.

(c) Cyprus levies withholding tax on payments made to nonresident persons who do not carry on any business in Cyprus at a rate of 10% on technical assistance payments and on the gross amount of royalty payments that are connected with the economic utilization of intellectual property rights in Cyprus. A 5% rate applies to royalties paid with respect to films and television. A 5% withholding tax is also imposed on payments made to nonresident persons in consideration for services performed in Cyprus with respect to activities connected with the exploration or exploitation of the seabed or subsoil or their natural resources or with respect to activities relating to the installation and exploitation of pipelines and other installations on the subsoil, seabed or sea surface, if such payments are not connected with a permanent establishment in Cyprus. Withholding tax may be reduced or eliminated on the basis of the European Union (EU) Interest and Royalty Directive and/or on the basis of a double tax treaty.


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