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Worldwide company formations

Years ago the companies were operating locally, in other words, one English company was selling in England, one German in Germany and so did all the companies around the world. Slowly, some companies have tried to evolve and become active in the neighboring countries as well. Today, the market is one and it is global. It is not meant to be a company that is aiming for the future, not to operate in other markets beyond the narrow borders of the country in which it is located.

Legislation enables us to set up companies in different states and through them to grow our business. Our company has the capability and can help you set up companies in more than 15 countries around the world. We quote the cost of setting up into the countries most in demand. If you like to get involved with another than the ones mentioned below, we can easily give you further information.

Cost of setting up a company

Greece, 250 €

England, from £ 430

Bulgaria, from 350 €

Romania, from 450 €

Estonia, from 1000 €

Slovakia, from 600 €

Cyprus, From 1650 €

Delaware (USA), $ 2000

British Virgin Islands, £ 3,000

For us here at INTASPA, it is very important to give solutions to our client’s problems and make his daily life easy.

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