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The accountant is the necessary partner for the progress of a company.

He must be flexible, honest and very knowledgeable in his job.

We have selected highly qualified partners. Accountants who work with us have been tested for the integrity of their knowledge, their flexibility, and customer respect. Through our company, you will find the appropriate partner in all partner countries

The cost of these is listed below:

Greece, from 60 € per month

England, from £ 130 a month

Bulgaria, from 50 € per month

Romania, from 80 € per month

Estonia, from 100 € per month

Slovakia, from 100 € per month

Cyprus, from 250 € per month

Delaware (USA), from $ 200 per month

British Virgin Islands, $ 50 per month

For us here at INTASPA, it is very important to give solutions to our client’s problems and make his daily life easy.

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